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Christmas Day History: Why is Merry Christmas celebrated? Know its history

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Christmas 2023

Christmas Day History: Why is Merry Christmas celebrated? Know its history

Christmas 2023 History, Origin, Facts: The festival of Christmas is celebrated 5 days before the beginning of the New Year. Everyone celebrates this festival together with great pomp. Christmas is also called a big day. According to the beliefs of Christianity, Jesus i.e. Lord Jesus Christ was born on this day. Therefore, on this day, people gather in churches to worship Lord Jesus and tableaux of the birth story of Jesus are presented. Know the history of Christmas.

Christmas Story for Kids

Children’s favorite festival Christmas is celebrated every year on 25 December. Although it is a festival of Christianity, but due to its popularity, people of other religions also celebrate this festival with great pomp. According to religious beliefs, Jesus Christ was born on this day. Therefore, on this day, tableaus of the birth story of Lord Jesus are presented in churches. Jesus Christ loved children very much. That is why special gifts are bought for children on Christmas and they are surprised. Now know the story of Christmas.

History of Christmas

There has always been a difference of opinion among historians regarding the history of Christmas. According to many historians, this festival started being celebrated after the birth of Lord Jesus. So many believe that this festival is being celebrated even before the birth of Jesus. Some historians believe that the Christmas festival is a new form of the Roman festival Sanctumalia. Sancunealia is a Roman god. It is said that when Christianity was established, people started celebrating Sanctuaries as Christmas Day by considering Jesus as their God.

Why is Christmas Day celebrated only on 25 December?

According to information, people have been celebrating this festival since 1998. But in the year 137, the Roman Bishop officially announced the celebration of Christmas festival. However, at that time no fixed day was decided to celebrate it. But later in the year 350, Roman priest Julius declared December 25 as Christmas Day.
According to another belief, earlier religious leaders were not ready to celebrate Christmas Day on 25 December. Because it was the day of a festival of the Roman caste, in which people used to worship the Sun God. Because it was believed that the Sun was born on this day. But when Christianity started spreading, it was believed that Jesus was the incarnation of the Sun God and then Jesus started being worshiped in this way. Christmas Story for Kids

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Who is Santa Claus?

Saint Nicholas was born 280 years after the death of Lord Jesus of Christianity. Saint Nicholas was very rich. They are known for their kindness and generosity. He always helped the poor. He even devoted all his wealth to serving the needy. The same Saint Nicholas is today known as Santa Claus. He loved children very much and used to give many gifts to them.

Importance of Christmas Festival in Christianity

Just as the festival of Diwali is special for Hindus and Eid for Muslims, similarly the festival of Christmas is very important for people of Christian religion. Christian people celebrate this day as the birthday of their favorite deity Jesus. People of Christian community start preparing for Christmas 15 days in advance. On this day, Christmas trees are decorated in churches as a symbol of good wishes. People give each other sweets, chocolates, Christmas trees.

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