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EMI Alto K10 Vehicle Loan Know On Road Price Mileage Specifications and Features in Easy Best Budget Car

by Aajtalk

EMI Alto K10 Vehicle Loan Know On Road Price Mileage Specifications and Features in Easy Best Budget Car

Best Budget Car in Easy EMI: Everyone thinks about buying a car but due to its price and low mileage, many people are not able to do so. But there is also a car which will be available to you at a very low price and will also fulfill all your needs.

New Delhi. Everyone dreams of buying a car. Since childhood, everyone dreams of having a luxurious car parked outside their house, but buying a car is not in everyone’s budget. Due to low budget, people often give up the dream of buying a car and become satisfied with a two-wheeler, but the desire to buy a four-wheeler for the family remains. At the same time, the huge maintenance and petrol expenses incurred on the car also bother people. Then if the car is taken on loan then every monthly installment spoils the budget. Now the biggest problem that arises among all these is the down payment of the car. Not everyone has the budget to make a down payment of lakhs of rupees. Due to this, the dreams of thousands of people are shattered. But today, beyond all these problems, we have brought for you information about a car which is excellent in performance. Whose mileage is amazing and it is one of the cheapest petrol cars. The mileage of this car is also the highest. Now talking about down payment, you can finance this car at on-road price without any down payment. Besides, its installment will also be quite low. This car will also cost you less in maintenance than any other bike.

Here we are talking about the budget car Alto K10 of the country’s largest auto mobile company Maruti Suzuki. The country’s best selling budget car Alto K10 is also available in CNG option. Let us know what are the features of this car and how you can buy this car without down payment.

Powerful engine, low maintenance and excellent mileage
In Alto K10, the company offers 1.0 liter petrol engine. The car generates power of 65.71 bhp on petrol and 55.92 bhp on CNG. Talking about mileage, the car gives a mileage of 28 km per liter on petrol and 36 km per liter on CNG. You also get the option of automatic and manual transmission in the car. Maintenance of Alto K10 is also very less and you have to spend 5 to 6 thousand rupees annually as service charge. That means it will cost Rs 400 per month. However, there is no cost of spares and part replacement.

Features that will win your heart
The company offers you 7 out of 10 variants of Maruti Suzuki Alto. Along with this, many types of features are also provided in the car. It has many features like infotainment system, two airbags, rear parking sensor, central locking. You can also buy the car in manual and automatic gear box options.

go empty handed and get the car
The price of Alto K10 starts from Rs 3.99 lakh ex-showroom and goes up to Rs 5.96 lakh. In such a situation, if you buy the base variant of Alto 10, then it will cost you Rs 4,44,680 on road price. If you take a car loan for 7 years at the rate of 11 percent on the on-road price of the vehicle, then you will have to pay Rs 7,614 every month as EMI. In 7 years, you will have to pay Rs 1,94,897 as interest, while the total you will pay is Rs 6,39,577. However, the loan will be made entirely on the terms and conditions of the bank and financial institution. In this, your credit score and history will also be seen.

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