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Explainer: Why US And Europe Banned Mustard Oil for Food Purpose

by Aajtalk
Why US And Europe Banned Mustard Oil for Food Purpose-aajtalk

Explainer: Why US And Europe Banned Mustard Oil for Food Purpose

Why US And Europe Banned Mustard Oil for Food Purpose: Mustard oil is very much liked for consumption in Asian countries, whereas in the countries of America and European continents, it is considered very dangerous. Know the interesting reason…

Mustard oil is used extensively in cooking in many countries of Asia. India is one of these countries. On the other hand, it is clearly banned in many countries of America and European continents. No one uses mustard oil in food there. Now a question will arise in everyone’s mind that what is the shortcoming in this food item which holds the most important place among oilseeds that people of western countries think a thousand times before making it a part of their life. Today we will talk about this reason.

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This is the historical aspect of mustard oil

Actually, mustard has developed with human civilization. Mustard was used as an important spice in the Stone Age. After this, in different human civilizations also, humans included mustard in their daily life in different ways. In Roman civilization it was used to make tart sauce. The French people gave it importance in their lives by creating Gray Poupon Dijon. In addition to their reputation as a spice, mustard seeds contain oil with a unique composition, which can be used for many purposes, including cosmetics and cooking.

Merits and demerits of mustard oil

There is no doubt that mustard oil has many medicinal properties. It is also very helpful in removing toxic elements from the body, but due to the erucic acid present in it, it has been banned in many countries. If we look at a report by the US Food and Drug Administration in this regard, the amount of erucic acid in mustard oil is very high. This is a type of fatty acid, which is not considered good for health. This also increases the accumulation of fat in the body. Due to improper metabolism, it also damages brain cells. When it comes to recognizing the effects, memory loss is one of these disorders. Keeping these things in mind, apart from America and Canada, European countries have banned the consumption of mustard oil in their countries.

Restriction area and options

However, other applications of mustard oil such as skin and hair care formulations do not fall under this restriction category. All containers of mustard oil sold in the United States of America are labeled for external use only. Now when it comes to the alternative of mustard oil, in both America and Europe, people use soybean oil instead of mustard oil for cooking. Soybean oil contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which promote collagen. Soybean oil is also rich in vitamin E, which is essential for healthy skin and hair. This brings flexibility to the body and the skin becomes more soft. This oil is also helpful in brain development and reduces facial wrinkles.

These experiments were done to reduce the risk

Current Situation: Countries where mustard oil has been banned for human consumption are trying to address safety concerns. According to Andersen International Corp., research and development is underway to reduce the erucic acid content in this oil. Canadian researchers also developed a low-erucic acid variety of rapeseed in the 1950s. They named it canola, short for low-acid Canadian oil. The FDA has approved a brand of edible mustard seed oil. This brand is derived from a variety apparently bred to have low levels of erucic acid.

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