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It is wise to get travel insurance, you will get many benefits in case of any emergency.

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travel insurance

It is wise to get travel insurance, you will get many benefits in case of any emergency.

Travel insurance: Travel insurance can be helpful to you, because it compensates for the loss that you may have to bear due to your trip getting canceled due to some emergency.

Travel insurance is necessary for those planning to travel abroad because it has many benefits in case of any emergency during the trip. For example, a medical emergency, some incident in the family, a terrorist incident or the need to cancel the trip due to any other reason. In such circumstances, travel insurance is beneficial because by getting insured, the loss is compensated.

How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

Tarun Mathur, Chief Business Officer, Policy Bazaar, says that if someone does not see checked in baggage in the baggage belt at the airport, then he may face problems, but this loss can be compensated by taking travel insurance. He said, “When you have travel insurance, the insurance company compensates you for loss or damage to your luggage, its repair or replacement of the lost luggage or its actual cash value, whichever is less.”

Helpful in such emergency

He said, “There is always a possibility that the trip you have planned may get canceled due to a family emergency, illness or any other reason beyond your control. In all such circumstances, travel insurance This can be helpful to you as it compensates you for the loss that you may incur due to your trip getting canceled due to an emergency. The insurance company also covers the loss due to cancellation of flight or hotel booking. .”

get medical cover

Mathur said that while traveling to another country, there is always a possibility that some health related problem may arise due to different weather or any other reason. He said, “In such a situation, you will be able to get the best medical facilities available there only if you have adequate insurance cover. Many travel insurance policies also provide daily cash allowance for hospitalization or emergency evacuation.”

Compensation for loss due to theft or robbery at home

He said, “When you are on holiday abroad, if there is theft or robbery in your house, such an incident can cause mental stress as well as huge financial loss to you. To avoid this, it is important to buy such a travel insurance. Which will protect your home from theft and burglary when you are abroad. Under this feature, the loss caused to your property due to any incident of robbery or burglary is covered in the policy.”

Compensation for loss if you miss a connecting flight

While traveling abroad, while going from one city to another, it may happen that due to some reason you miss the connecting flight. In such a situation, there is a travel insurance policy to compensate for the loss, in which the insurance company bears all the expenses of the traveler. He said, most of the insurance policies do not cover the situation of terrorist attack, but there are only a few such plans in which such attacks are also covered.

Insurance: Definition, Mechanism, and Policy Types

No expenses related to terrorist attacks covered

Mathur said, “If your policy clearly states that any expenses related to terrorist attacks will not be covered, then under no circumstances will the insurance company provide you protection in such an incident, even if it involves hospitalization. Or the flight gets delayed.” He said some companies provide coverage for terrorist attacks such as Royal Sundaram General Insurance’s Travel Secure plan which protects against accidental death or injury and also arranges for the repatriation of the last remains of the policyholder to India if he dies or Then it also bears the funeral expenses in the country where the policyholder was travelling.

He said, “When preparing to travel abroad, buy a comprehensive travel insurance for yourself and your family so that you get financial security in case of any untoward incident like the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka.”

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